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Our history

Passionate autodidact , Serge created Automobile Consulting 30 years ago. He settled in Strasbourg. His mastery of the Germanic language and his proximity to the country allow him to weave a relationship of seasoned collectors and dealers. A reputation built step by step in recent years in Germany, but also in other parts of Europe where the Porsche brand is synonymous with prestige. Deeply rooted in him, respect for the brand drives him. He knows how to transmit this spark to his clients. It is a real passion that he devotes to the exceptional in general, and to Porsches in particular.

His definite asset: an unequaled knowledge of a market in perpetual evolution of which he has known the fluctuations for 30 years and of which he is in a way the conductor.

The nuggets ? The complete restoration of a 906; sale price records, recognized expertise, restoration competitions in Germany or vehicles sold to the parent company Porsche Germany. The name of Serge Heitz and his company Automobile Consulting is a reference in the world of exceptional cars at the international level.