Our history


Passionate self-taught, Serge created Automobile Consulting 30 years ago. He settled in Strasbourg. His mastery of the German language and his proximity to the country allowed him to build up a network of seasoned collectors and dealers. 

A reputation built step by step over the last few years in Germany, but also in other parts of Europe where the Porsche brand is synonymous with prestige. Deeply rooted in him, respect for the brand drives him. He knows how to pass on this spark to his customers. It is a real passion that he dedicates to the exceptional in general, and to Porsches in particular. 

His trump card: an unequalled knowledge of a constantly evolving market, the fluctuations of which he has known for 30 years and for which he is in a way the conductor. The nuggets? The complete restoration of a 906; record sales prices, recognized expertise, restoration competitions in Germany or vehicles sold to the parent company Porsche Germany. 

The name of Serge Heitz and his company Automobile Consulting is a reference in the world of the exceptional car at the international level.


Our vehicles


With more than 30 years of experience in the exceptional Porsche market, our company has become a reference for this emblematic German brand. 

Serge Heitz has built his reputation step by step over the last few years in France and abroad where the Porsche brand is synonymous with prestige.

All of our vehicles are restored to perfection and are presented in concours condition. The exceptional is the trademark of our company.

Deeply rooted, the respect of the Porsche brand animates us. These cars make us vibrate, we will know how to transmit this spark to you. It is a true passion that we dedicate to the exceptional in general, and to Porsches in particular.

Your project


From the search for a classic vehicle to the most beautiful contemporary, we accompany you in order to free you from all technical problems. Our restorations carried out in our German and French workshops are remarkable and recognized. Our concern is to share with our customers our knowledge of all the cars of the brand, but also of the current and future market. Our teams will guide you through your project with unparalleled market expertise. Our partners and our workshops share the same requirement of quality restoration. We propose you vehicles "à la carte", original mechanics preciously preserved and replaced by more modern and more powerful engines and brakes, telephone and navigation connectivity... Many options are proposed to reach our GT models... By preserving the respect of the original model.

Delivery and warranty


All our vehicles, contemporary and collection, are delivered with a one year warranty, parts and labor. Our teams will follow your Porsche adventure, from regular maintenance, to repairs, to eventual resale.

At the time of delivery, the vehicle will have first been appraised by a recognized professional registered on the national list of automobile experts. The latter will establish a complete and precise report on the vehicle, the quality of its restoration and will determine its market value. (Expertise also necessary for the establishment of an insurance contract).

Our teams will also take care of all the administrative formalities until your car registration document is sent to your home.