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Serge Heitz & Hedonic Machines

By creating the Hedonic brand with his wife four years ago, Serge Heitz offers his clients the opportunity to go even further and participate in a journey that will lead to the rebirth of their vehicle. The concept of Hedonic as conceived by Serge Heitz, its founder, is to give birth to exceptional vehicles, cars or motorcycles, to make them unique creations by combining the excellence of a craft know-how associated with the requirement of technology and innovation. Through this rebirth, these vehicles from the past are now part of the future.

"Renaissance" also means "to recreate" and can also evoke the idea of "recreation". The Hedonic brand and universe are rooted in these values and the name of the brand takes on its full meaning. It is in this spirit that Hedonic offers a rich creative universe with its collection of clothing, skates, surfboards, art objects and its collaborations with emblematic brands. Thanks to this philosophy, Hedonic brings together a community sensitive to a certain art of living.